Guide to Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas


Twice a year fashion comes to Vegas! Magic is a trade show for the retail industry. Buyers and brands from all over gather here in Las Vegas for action-packed days of shopping and industry learning. It really is a fun time checking out the upcoming collections and attending all the seminars. I remember my first season at Magic, I was very unprepared. Actually, we were pretty much winging it because we were new to the industry. With quite some season under my belt now I have learned a lot about how to have a productive and fun time at Magic. Whether you are going as a buyer or just for the seminars here are some of my Magic tips:

  • HAVE A BUDGET: Whether it's your first season buying or you are already selling to a niche market make sure you always walk in with a budget in hand. It is really easy to get carried away ordering items for your store especially with all the amazing brands displaying their collections. Whether it's by brand or by season ALWAYS have a budget.

  • DO BRAND RESEARCH: This is especially important when it's your first time buying. Before you attend make sure you google some brand's to see what they are all about. You want to select pieces that fit best with your target market. Knowing what brands you want to visit first will make your day much easier, and once you knock out the brands on your list (and if you have some extra spending in your budget) it is time to explore and try out new brands.

  • FIRST TIME BUYER? DO RESEARCH!: I can not stress this enough.

  • WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES: You will be on your feet all day long! Looking through collections, meeting brands, networking.. ect. So make sure you wear comfortable shoes! Getting blisters the first day is no joke... trust me on this one.

  • BRING BUSINESS CARDS: As your walking around and meeting people from all over you want to make sure you have a business card to leave them with so that they can follow up with you. Also, make sure to bring other tools like a pen or a small notebook in case you need to take notes.

  • DON'T FORGET YOUR CHARGER: For those of you that are like me and use your phone for everything make sure to bring a portable charger or your charger cord at the very least. Being at 10% at half the day is not fun!

  • NETWORK: You are at a convention with people from all over the world and some amazing brands. Make sure to check out the event calendar that shows the mixers throughout the day and the after show events which are held at some cool spot here in Vegas.

  • ATTEND THE SEMINARS: This is my favorite part of the convention! Every day throughout the whole day there are information packed seminars. I would definitely recommend attending as many as you can because they are hosted by people in the industry.

Lastly whether you are going as a buyer or going to seminars or whatever it may be.. don't forget to have fun. Expect long days, maybe stress, a lot of people, bathroom lines but at the end of the day just take it all in. Fashion is an amazing industry and if you are in it and you love it then enjoy yourself.. meet new people and stay inspired by all the beautiful clothing and accessories around you!