Cool, Calm and Confident with Yes to

This month i’ve partnered with Yes To to try some products from their Cucumber collection! This line is perfectly formulated with cucumber extract to help keep your skin visibly sooth, calm and hydrated! Something that I really love about the brand is that their products are made without parabens, SLS, silicones and they are cruelty-free. I am always searching for brands that have natural ingredients so I was super excited to try these all out!

2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have been so in love with face masks and scrubs lately! I try to apply one at least once a week. I was very excited to try this cleanser stick because of the simple application. After you wet your face you just simply apply the cleanser sick over your face like you would apply chapstick to your lips. After I applied it I let it sit on my face for a couple of mins before rinsing it off with cold water. I liked that it left my skin soft and clean! Definitely one of my favorite items from the collection.

Cooling Hydrating Primer Stick

I have alway been on the fence about hydrating sticks but the ones I have tried so far including Yes To’s have helped depuff my face especially after a stressful day at work. I applied this cooling hydrating primer stick on a clean face before applying any makeup on. I usually use it under my eyes and on any part of my face that feels puffy.

Cooling under-eye de-puffer.

Anything that helps with de-puffing your eyes is a lifesaver! Like the other products the application is super simple with the roller. At first it takes a little bit to get the cream to pump out but once you do just simple apply under your eye and if you pump too out just gently apply to the other eye with your finger. My skin is super sensitive so I only applied a little at a time.

Cooling Moisturizer

Living in Vegas the weather is SUPER dry! So I constantly make sure that I moisturizer my skin so it stays hydrated. Like the other products the roller makes it super easy to apply to your face. The smell isn’t over powering and after applying it I felt like it did give my face the extra moisturizing it needed. Although it’s not my favorite moisturizer for the price and the natural ingredients it’s definitely worth the try!

Calming Paper Mask

I love paper masks! They are so easy to apply and I feel like its such a nice at home spa moment. Yes To’s paper mask is made of 100% natural cotton which I really loved. I have sensitive skin so after applying it my skin felt a bit irritated so I would definitely recommend not leaving it on for too long. If you have sensitive skin like mine I would use the other products that aren’t so harsh on the skin.

Smoothing Clay Hair Mask

This mask has tea tree oil and sage oil. It helps if you have a an itchy scalp which I don’t really have a problem with. The mask is super easy to apply. I used it in the shower and left it on for a couple of mins before rinsing it off. Although it did leave my hair soft the smell wasn’t my favorite since I am not a big fan of tea tree oil.