Paul & Joe Beauté Pearl Primer & Lipstick CS

Paul & Joe Beauté

This month I got the opportunity to work Paul & Joe Beauté and try some of their products which are now available on Amazon! Discover my favorites below.

Paul & Joe Beauté

Pearl Foundation Primer

I got to try both the 003 Pinot Noir and the 004 Muscadet Pearl Foundation Primers from Paul & Joe Beauté. Both primers have ingredients like orange flower water, white lily extract, apricot extra, sodium hyaluronate, and acetyl hyaluronic acid which moisturize and hydrates the skin. This primer worked great with my sensitive skin and I loved that it didn’t have a strong smell. It was also very easy to put on and it glided right onto my skin creating a non-sticky base before I put foundation on. I recommend just one pump on your hand and spreading it over your face evenly.

Paul & Joe Beauté - Pearl Foundation Primer

Lipstick CS

Who else can’t leave their house without lipstick on? From Paul & Joe Beauté new Lipstick CS collection I got to try 116 Les Vendanges which is a darker red, 117 Wine Cooler a wearable rose, and 118 Bourgogne which is a burgundy red. These three colors are inspired by the harvest season making them perfect fall colors! They are made with White lily extract, Jojoba seed oil, Macadamia nut oil, Orange peel oil, and shea butter which I found to be very hydrating on my lips. One thing I loved about these lipsticks is the great pigment color in all of them! My favorite was definitely 118 Bourgogne, as soon as I tried it on I knew the elegant red burgundy color was my shade for fall!

Another feature I loved was that you can mix and match their lipsticks with unique cases to make them your own! Fun fact, I am actually very into unique lipstick cases! So, my favorite was the Case N 002 case which is a cat-shaped lipstick case. It’s super unique and something I havn’t seen before!

Paul & Joe Beauté - Lipstick CS

Make sure to check our their collection now on Amazon!